the filmmaker's toolkit

this toolkit provides practical help and inspiration for students and staff interested in making films

Video technology has become easier to use, more available and far cheaper than ever before. More and more people are making their own videos and publishing them on the web, as YouTube testifies. But how do you get beyond ‘point and shoot' and what is the relevance of video production to education?

Digital Video can be used in a number of ways in the classroom and the case studies show examples of a wide range of applications, together with student comment and reflection.

The toolkit gives an overview of the filmmaking process, from initial idea to equipment needed to burning your DVD. It has been developed over several years and provides information and points to consider when making a film with an educational application in mind.

The filmmaker's toolkit can be used as a standalone resource, in combination with workshops, or it can be more fully embedded into the learning and teaching of specific modules.

We hope this website inspires you to explore this exciting and rewarding medium.